Old Man Jack-ism #9

Masako and Spam Musubi

flag-10 My supercharged Grabber Orange Mustang lived outside 24/7 for her first five years. Old Man Jack’s driveway is to the very left; he would on occasion call me over to his garage to chat.

I was out front one morning, enjoying a gorgeous holiday weekend.  While pointing in my general direction, Old Man Jack said to me from across the street, “Koji, she needs to come in at night.”  My car was in between Jack and me.  He loved my car…almost as much as his F4U Corsair.

Why would he tell me to put my Grabber Orange Mustang into the garage?  He knows it’s parked outside 24/7 because the aggravating ex took away my garage without saying a word beforehand.

“Say what, Jack?” asked I…

I was humbled shortly thereafter by this exceptional and aging WWII combat vet who went to war as a young boy.


Indeed, I…

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10 thoughts on “Old Man Jack-ism #9”

  1. Good to see you back, Koji. And – you know I think it’s terrific to hear of old man Jack once again! I hope you will follow through with another one for your dad too.
    Say hello to the Mrs. for me.

  2. I needed to read this today – feels like hearing from an old friend – witht he old man jack and seeing your car – with that cool flag – such a cool photo – and sending a blog bro hug your way

      1. oh right on – a wedding –
        anyhow, I think the good news is that once blog bonds are established – we have the freedom to take even longer pauses as life comes up – ya know?

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