6 thoughts on “Life Well Lived”

  1. So many of that generation has lived much longer than one would expect after all they went through, eh? An amazing life.
    (that picture of you, 2 days post surgery looks a bit scary!)

    1. Indeed, gpcox… Look at my aunt who although was sickly as a child in pollution choked pre-war Tokyo just passed away ten days ago at 93. She was hungry most of the time, breathed in smoke and the aftermath of the firebombing, lived inside a home where heat and fire for cooking came from an open hearth. Talk about CO. Dad died almost two years ago now at 99. Old Man Jack at nearly 90 after suffering on those stinkin’ SWP islands… And while my eye is bloodshot, it only aches on occasion. I hope to be able to see better than before in nine months time… Best to your better half… ❤

      1. Oh dear. It seems like just yesterday your Dad and Old Man Jack sat down to talk. How I miss them all!
        Say hello to your lovely wife for me.

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