Hilarious Impersonations by an 8th Grader!

This is kid was phenomenal! Performed at his graduation, he imitates President Trump, President Obama, Cruz, Bernie and Hillary. (ps I cannot figure out how to show a screen preview. It is just a link.)


3 thoughts on “Hilarious Impersonations by an 8th Grader!”

  1. When making a new post, type a few letters (doesn’t matter which) so you can then hit “enter” and still make a preface at the top.
    Go to the source of the video, and rt click so as to see the menu containing “copy video URL”; click on it and copy (or “copy video URL at current time”) and paste below the few letters. The video should appear in your proposed post.
    When dealing w/ a private org which won’t show that menu, rt click; if there is a menu with “properties” you would click on that; you would click on the section in the resulting window that says “media” and carefully scroll down and click on the codes which state “video” until you can see the desired content in the pane.
    Then copy the line of code with that video, and in your proposed post click on “TEXT” and paste into the text window. Click back on “visual” (If this is going to work, you would then see the video while in the visual mode.)
    Best to click on “preview” to see the result without posting to see whether it shows, or if only the code is visible. This is “hit and miss”, it doesn’t always work.
    Hope this helps.

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