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GENUINE Home Made Baklava


We had a special guest come over and VOILA!  A baklava baking party!

My Jordanian lady friend “A” and I made plans for her to stop by and teach us how to make baklava – the authentic Jordanian way.  Can’t get more genuine than that, can you?


All the kids were eager to help out, including Jack and Brooke’s good Syrian classmates.  It was really great to hear their classmates talk in Arabic with “A”!

Brooke and her friend were responsible for the delicious syrup made out of cinnamon sticks, lime zest, cloves, water and sugar…oh, and honey too.  It really turned out fabulous!  You know – the girlie touch.

The girlie touch!
The girlie touch!

Constructing it was quite simple.  “A” had brought chopped almonds and walnuts which served as the main yummy part (with the syrup!).  She layered sheet after sheet of phyllo dough with unsalted butter brushed in between.  Then came the yummy nut filling topped with more phyllo dough.

It was baked in two stages at 350F – 30 minutes at the lowest rack setting then finished off with 30 minutes with the rack raised to the second tier from the top.

Man, it was really starting to smell great while baking…  When it was done, “A” carefully  cut the baklava into squares, then into the triangles you saw in the first photo.  She then slowly drizzled the sweet syrup all over the pastry through a strainer.

Done!  Let cool for several hours and enjoy!

We sure did!

Thanks, “A” and the kids!