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Zeller and Shinwari
Army Officer Matt Zeller stands alongside Janis Shinwari, an Afghan interpreter. Janis, code named Hafez, has been hiding from the Taliban since the deadly 2008 firefight. (Photo credit: Matt Zeller/Change.org)


The Administration of the United States of America is FINALLY allowing the TRACKABLE, AUTHORIZED AND OTHERWISE TO BE “UN”-MEDIA-IZED immigration of ONE Afghan: a brave interpreter code named Hafez!  Please see my earlier story on this topic: “Afghans Cannot Scale a Fence,”

Unbelievable.  The Administration continues to allow illegals to scale the fence at our border yet dragged their feet in approving this one Afghan to legally enter the US.  He fought bravely alongside Army Officer Matt Zeller and saved his life.  MOH recipient Sgt. Dakota Meyer joined the drive to petition for his immigration.  Do you see any illegal fighting alongside our military or willing to give their life to save one?

Here is the official news release on FOX.  I hope CNN will publicize this great humanitarian event as much as they did the Trayvon Martin incident.


Thank you, Janis.  Safe journey to the US of A.

What do you think??