14 thoughts on “Joys of Simple Toys”

  1. Happy child.
    Reminds me of the ‘blocks’ that Mom used to bring me which were cut off ends from the furniture factory mill room. I had so much fun with those.
    I want my mommy.

    1. Ah, yes… Blocks. While yours are truly homemade, playing with blocks is a fond memory for many of us. Simplicity. And isn’t it odd how people seem to ask for “mommy” instead of “daddy”?

  2. Like I tell Toddler parents: skip the gift, just give ’em a box – after all, that’s what they are going to play with anyway! (Been to waaayy too many little boys and girls birthday parties, LOL!). Glad your son gets these ‘simple pleasures’. I used to LOVE building & painting the old WWII 1/32 / 1/24 scale models – my room was full of tanks & planes and a nuclear sub . . . a ‘working’ version of the Bismark (complete with rotating turrets and lifting guns). The “fine work” with paints taught me the value of patience; the puzzlement over many small pieces the importance of reading directions FIRST, not later, LOL! I am glad you and your children are able to enjoy this time.

      1. Yes indeed! And stole tank periscopes from the supply depot when I was a kid . . . part of our ‘missions’ for the G.I.’s. And (big grin) – you should’ve seen my mom’s face when we used tampon tubes to make miniature telescopes / microscopes with junk lenses!

      2. What she bestowed was probably worthy of a Purple Heart! Or at least a Very Bruised Bottom, LOL! and then I would have been shuffled off to spend some quality time in the POW prison: my room. (utterly boring, with no radio, TV, telephone, internet . . . nuthin but four blank walls and a bed.)

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