“Old Man Jack-isms”

Very little outdoes short blurts of wisdom from a World War II combat vet.  Nothing fancy-shmancy.  No big words.  Just good ole salty sailor speak.  To the point.  He earned that right.

Some of his wisdom will be shared here and there without censorship to honor his generation.  You will appreciate that.  “If you don’t, I don’t give a shit,” as he would lovingly say.

But there is regret.  Regret that I did not video Old Man Jack more often.  I have excuses.  Many excuses…but they all lead to regret.


A couple of months before he secretly moved away, he was lamenting.  Lamenting on apparently losing his long battle with his daughter.

In short, he wanted to live out his life in his home of 58 years.  His home across the street from me.

It wasn’t to be.  His daughter wanted him to move “up” to Big Bear where she lived.  So she could take care of him.  That was the battle.

This day, he knew he would be leaving his beloved home.  He knew in his heart.


I did have my Droid and managed to turn on the darn contraption in time as we were talking.  I sensed an “Old Man Jack-ism” coming.  It even recorded and properly saved it.  I even uploaded it properly.  Amazing.  It was meant to be.

He was in his beloved wife’s wheel chair…  In his beloved blue plaid shirt with a pocket for his glasses.  I thought he was joking about women in general but realized after he moved the significance of what he said that day.

When arguing with women, “A man ain’t got a chance.”

Gotta love this great American.

16 thoughts on ““Old Man Jack-isms””

    1. Well, Ms. Jump to Conclusion, since old man Jack passed away near Christmas last year, we will never find out, will we? Somehow, it seems to me that they could make a reality show just filming the two of you “chatter” in his garage…just to give him a slight edge. 🙂

      1. 🙂 It would have been fun to ‘chatter’ with him. Even though I agree with him on this one, I bet he would have been fun to have a disagreement with! I appreciate your sharing him!!!

      1. As it has been but a couple of months since starting this blot, I am finally realizing most of the authors here are…women! Holy moly, Batgirls!

  1. An old man once told ME:
    “Women trade sex for love. Men trade love for sex.”
    makes quite a difference.
    When it comes to matters of the heart – women rule. But logic? I don’t know about that . . . for the large majority of women I’ve met are highly illogical beings (disturbing the “Spock” in me, LOL!) – but we gotta get along with them! And I think they realize that! (Hence all their ‘power’ over us – subtle, sometimes unseen – but it’s there, LOL!)

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