Threatened With a Strike

I have been threatened with a strike…by the unemployed individual I hired a few weeks back.  Dastardly.

She called a press conference and made sure the media was there to video it (above)…  She demanded BETTER pay – like no more dirty dishes with dry dog food.  She complained dry dog food unnecessarily dried out her schloppy tongue, her best feature.  And that digesting dry dog food attracts those tiny little buggers that make her itch.

I said, “Tough.  Be glad you have a job.”

Small time gaffe – until the media caught it.  Holy Blown Out of Proportion, Batman.


She filed a complaint with her union rep.

Her union rep then emailed me.  The rep showed me images of what would happen first before they would call for a full-fledged strike.  She would ensure her dish washing work would be only partially completed thereby negatively affecting quality.  Customers will complain.

Work slow down threat – Image A
Work Slow Down Threat – Image B
Work Slow Down Threat – Image C

Ungrateful.  Dastardly.

9 thoughts on “Threatened With a Strike”

  1. Maybe if you gave her tiramisu or bitter chocolate yums, or upside down apple treats she wouldn’t be striking. Just a thought there Mustang.Koji!!!!

      1. Consider it “good wages”. I would!!!! 🙂 I mean, if I was your employee and you paid me in goodness like that!

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