The artist who drew the “Sgt Rock” comic book has passed. I loved that comic.

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I never met Joe Kubert in either of my stints in the comic-book world, but I spoke with him on the phone a few times. Mr. Kubert, a pioneering artist who worked mainly for DC Comics, had started a school for cartooning and graphic arts in Dover, New Jersey. There were two young friends and employees of mine in whom I saw great potential.

I spoke with Mr. Kubert about them both. These conversations were about ten years apart, but Mr. Kubert had the same two questions about the young men I was touting: “Are they good? Will they listen?”

Both young men attended his school to their decided benefit. He and his staff taught them what they needed to know to augment their talent with real-world chops. After a couple of years at the Kubert School, both these young men were not only pro-level cartoonists, but could handle any…

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  1. Sgt. Rock. One of my all-time childhood heroes – when I could get the comic book. Superman was my #1. Batman? Not so much, and Spiderman – what an “emo” icon! I kept wishing his Aunt would die and he would get all over it, LOL.

    I really respect (and love!) some of that old artwork and the 50’s heroes – not like the Dark Knight of today. Some of them never “emoted” – it was always “Give ’em hell, nothing to cry about, somebodies gonna pay!” (Imagining the old Sgt. Rock chewing on his eternal cigar.) Thanks for reminding me of this.

    1. I wish I still had the comics. They were read and re-read, however, so they were pretty tattered. Sgt. Rock and his trusty Thompson – but oddly, his ammo belt was filled with .30 cal rounds for a Garand. 🙂

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