Julia Child in World War II

Julia Child in Kandy, Ceylon during WWII and as part of the OSS.

I am a bit of a World War II history buff.  While primarily focusing on the Pacific War due to my family’s connections, I thought this may interest the foodies here.

Julia Child was a member of the OSS – Office of Strategic Services.  Spying.  Intelligence.  James Bond.  Well, maybe not James Bond.  But she was in some dastardly conditions.



Happy Birthday #100, Julia Child.

20 thoughts on “Julia Child in World War II”

  1. Always loved her. She brought me a great deal of enjoyment, back in the early tv cooking days. Her history is fascinating – a very determined woman. 🙂

  2. I am finding myself more and more intrigued by history of all kinds. I love your sharing! I had no idea.

    1. The little unknowns of history intrigues me greatly. There is so much that will never be known by the general public. While I certainly am not a scholar or a PhD in history, there is a lot to learn. For instance, did you know that C02 had a major role during naval battles? 🙂

      1. We will find out today when I try to ride here in another hour or so. Walking is okay. But can I sit on the seat again? 🙂

      2. Oh my….well, I am in a fog right now. Apparently yesterday when I thought I was alternating caffeine drinks with non caffeine drinks…I was NOT. So no sleep at all last night. I can’t even think straight!

      3. My Father’s Commander was the film director Ford, he shamed the producers of “They Were Expendable” into buying “a place for the boys” (“The Farm” had been the name of the OSS training camp in Virginia) With 9 acres, 14 bedrooms, tennis court, horse barn & horses, swimming pool and eventually a white chappal in Reseda. Bea Benjamin cut the deal on the 1890’s house & land, my Mom, squeaky Julia Child and others could be heard banging around the big kitchen near dawn every Memorial Day for two decades. Bea had been Marrian C. Cooper’s accountant, he was the one who cut a deal with Hap Arnold, turning Culver City Film Studios over to the USAAF, and who requited Lindberg to fine tune the Lockheed P-38. Lindberg had also worked with the US Marine’s Corsair as a “civilian’ in the Pacific. The Farm Chappal was saved by Spielberg and resides in Calabasas, California. Did they not flood the fuel bunkers with CO2?

  3. What a remarkable woman she was. She was just full of surprises and definitely someone who lived her life to the full, and with service to others. Great to be reminded that it was her birthday, too! 🙂 Debra

    1. I honestly wasn’t a great fan of her during my younger adult years but now, I realize she handled her oops moments on live TV quite well. And I hope you weren’t misled too much. Yes, she was OSS but certainly, she was not sent out into the jungles to spy on the enemy or jump them from behind to eliminate them. 🙂 But she did serve.

      1. Ha! I suppose I didn’t really think of her as any kind of spy, simply because I don’t think she’d blend in very well, do you? She was so tall and had an imposing stature.But from military service to America’s French chef seems like a big leap to me, too. I grew up watching her on PBS with my grandmother, so I think I probably am a bit fascinated with her. 🙂

      1. Thank you – we both come from a long line of honorable people, loyal to their families and country.

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