Union Strike Averted

If you recall, I had hired the unemployed.  She was given the position of dishwasher.

The work she was to do was in complete accordance with the job description.  She was content.  She didn’t even want to clock out.

She was happy to be contributing to society once again.

Then the unthinkable happened.  She complained that no dry dog food be served on the dish to be washed.  She even complained on video.  It went viral.

She complained that the dry dog food disagreed with her schloppy tongue.

This ungrateful employee who was unemployed until she was hired filed a grievance.  A grievance with the Union.

It got ugly.  She made protest signs.

She made a bazillion protest signs and planted them surrounding the house.

She even staged work slow-downs.  Played on the job.  Dastardly.

She got into my face.  Up close and personal.  Pee-eww.  I almost gave in.

She got into my face.

I fought back.  Nothing but dry dog food was served.

After a few days, the strike was averted.  She eventually realized the wrong of her ways.  She no longer whimpers or makes videos of her grievances.

Success.  No harm.  More money in my pocket that has had a big hole.

At least she works in exchange for receiving something.

22 thoughts on “Union Strike Averted”

  1. We are so pleased the hired help has backed down on the dry food protest. Success can go to their heads you know! She does such a fine job and should be proud of herself.

      1. ahaha! i believe it, she looks like she has attitude! our pooch does too, he need Ceaser Milan! or we need to be trained by him ha! Ceaser Milan that is not the dog!

    1. Ahhh… Letting your compassion get the better of your judgment, Chatter Master? It was SHE who first hired a video crew to tape her (selfish) grievance. 🙂 Now I know who’s side you are on! LOL

      1. It appears that the video crew may have been taking advantage of her…. but I could be wrong!

        I am on the side of truth!!!! Hahahahahahahaha! I know. Lame.

  2. Ah, employee relations . . . always a negotiation . . . ya gotta give a little to get a little. Sounds like you’ve got it in hand (or is it paw?) now . . . *for now*! LOL’ing.

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