16 thoughts on “Did I? Or Didn’t I?”

  1. That “Nice” lady is looking at the back tire anticipating a good burn out!!!! Zoom in and look at the smile on her face. Everybody knows that when you say “don’t do something”, it will probably be done. This lady is egging you on….. πŸ™‚ I’m just sayin…..

  2. You are talking to her telling her about your respect for her to comply, but your wish is to really do it and would she get mad if you did.

    She said she understands. But please don’t.

    You tell her it’s your oppositional defiance and you can’t help it.

  3. I had to go with you absolutely read the sign and obeyed it. I have my reasons why. Coming from a culture of conformity and sense of “we” (the society” instead of ‘I’ and what I want to do . . . I think you would have read the sign, smiled, possibly waved – and took off gently, sparing those ladies that sound. More a politeness thing cuz’ I think you tend to think of others before you think of yourself.

    1. Well, 65% voted that absolutely I obeyed the sign and 35% voted I was a bad blogger… And before I say you were right, you are incorrect in that Linda (the nice lady holding the sign) LOVES the roar! πŸ™‚

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