Election Depression

November 6th – and the horrendous boulevard the public was forced to navigate – took a toll on me.

A form of depression, perhaps?

All the cheap shots.  Stupid propositions to fatten someone’s pocket.  Pot.  Programs that cost millions – millions a state government doesn’t have.

And the bozos that led us onto the verge of fiscal collapse were re-elected.  Criminy.

And of the most STUPIDEST state propositions that passed in “my” state was one that will make it ILLEGAL for porn actors to “do their work” without a prophylactic.  A rubber.  OK.  I wrote it.

There are (I’m guessing) several hundred “adult” actors here.  A law for several hundred actors.  Geez-louise.  For what purpose?  No need to discuss that.

In a nutshell – with inference to the White House and Capital Hill as a whole – I am depressed about our country’s future.  And of our brave souls in uniform stretched to their physical and mental limits protecting those same people with their lives.  And what’s REALLY crappy about that is the “special elected officials” get a full salary and benefits for life while our soldiers, Marines, sailors and aircrews can’t even get proper medical care after they leave honorable service.

But there is nothing more depressing than finding only crumbs left  in my bag of Lay’s BBQ potato chips.


Will a kind blogger set me up with a four year supply?

Thank you.

21 thoughts on “Election Depression”

    1. Truly. But the country re-elected generally the same self-serving idiots. There will likely be no change – except for the dwindling number of the professional military personnel of the United States of America.

  1. I totally agree ! On my website I have a couple of articles (WHY CAN’T CONGRESS WORK 50 WEEKS A YEAR LIKE THE REST OF AMERICA? & 55 YEARS IS LONG ENOUGH…) that discuss some of the same concerns. It’s scary, really scary. Gridlock and belligerence have become a tradition in Washington DC. With all the problems and injustices United States has before it, we are going to find out, real soon, how great the United States really is. I pray God will see fit to see us through this.

  2. I’ve seen way too many veterans not getting the care they need. Even if they are receiving “care” the nightmare they have to go through to get services or glasses, or other needs met is beyond ridiculous. These are the very men who went to war, WAR to protect us. Men like your father. And so many others. Sad doesn’t even start to label this. 😦

    Write more Koji!

      1. Ah. Koji. You underestimate your ability. I had someone I directed to your blog, read it, and comment to me: OH MY GOD. She loved it. Loved your stories.

        You should. Be. A. Voice. For. Them.

  3. Some interesting things were passed here in MD. Gay marriage, table gaming, and in-state tuition for children of illegal aliens. As to the problems in DC, I think we can survive either party as we always have, but we need some fixes in Congress. Term limits is a big one. No special retirement and health programs. And as you hinted, when your term is up, go home and get a real job. If congress is no longer a career, our legislators might be more interested in moderation rather than getting re-elected.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Kevin. Our country is faced with so many issues, I fear we are on the decline as did the Roman Empire. We cannot continue to pay benefits to everyone, that’s for sure. They will learn sooner or larger.

  4. I will just say “Like” to the article and to all the comments. For me I bought some Imported German Cookies while I could afford them to drown my sorrows. Some idiots voted a congresswoman to win in her district who has been in Congress for 12 terms!!! It is time to get some fresh people in with fresh ideas.

    1. Unlimited terms is a nail in our nation’s coffin. They need to get a real job…and open up their bank accounts to us since they supposedly are paid by our tax money…printed or not… OK. Off the soap box that is breaking from my weight…

      Thanks for the visit and stay warm!

      1. I think our soap box is crowded with many who feel the way we do, too bad our leaders don’t listen. Thanks for the advice, I stay wrapped in my sweaters and wraps and sit in front of our electric fireplace,while sipping hot tea. You would think I hate this cold weather, but I love it!

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