Today was Veteran’s Day.

At times, I mix in Memorial Day with it…  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

They will always be veterans in my eyes.


Dad at Miyajima, Hiroshima in the spring of 1949.  I now have a bad case of “tennis elbow” and can’t retouch:

He was part of the US 8th Army’s Military Intelligence Service and served during Occupied Japan.  Being a “kibei”, he translated during the War Crimes trials, interrogated Japanese soldiers being released by Russia, Korea, Manchuria and China and translated Japanese war documents for intelligence.

Dad today with my two littlest kids:

Ninety-three years old.

Went to pay our respects to Old Man Jack.  Sun was just too low in the sky for a good pic… 😦  Miss you, Jack.

And went to see good ol’ Bob, too…  What a kind, great man he was.

Happy Veteran’s Day, guys.

17 thoughts on “Today”

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  1. The pictures say so much Koji. And I love the care your children are taking with Jack’s headstone. Your father is as cute today as he was in the forties! I thank him, and Jack, and Bob for all they did and sacrificed for us. And I thank you, and all of the other family members who make sure we know their stories.

  2. How wonderful to have involved the children! I love the photo of them with your dad. That’s a treasure, isn’t it? I think the first post of yours I read was about Jack. I was very mindful of our veterans’ on Monday. I think I always have cared, but you and Nancy have really heightened my current awareness of our WW II veterans.

    1. I sincerely believe all we have today – right now – would not be if it weren’t for our veterans. I see them as survivors. Many never lived to become veterans. 🙂

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