16 thoughts on “My Morning”

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    1. It’s wonderful reading… and all the innermost secrets on Chatter Master is laid bear (couldn’t bare writing the right word) for the world to see! 😉 It’s her fun book!

      1. Deceiving the public…. Hmmm…. In this short lovely story (underline SHORT), how many kisses or “you don’t need to read about what happened next’s” did you, ahm, have?

        Wow… Husband must be, ahm, well, you don’t need to know. 🙂

        (I know, Mamo’s mom… You needn’t say it.)

      2. Ha! 🙂 I thought this line: “you don’t need to read about what happened next’s” was pretty brilliant.

        I am super happy you read it. I need to rub this in to some people’s faces!

    1. Thanks! That’s Chatter Master’s little book… Well, it’s really her diary that one of her siblings found and printed to get back at her… You know, when she didn’t yell “Shotgun” fast enough but still rode shotgun…

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