The Hard Part About Being American

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It’s been a rough week for many Americans.  The bombing of the Boston Marathon, the explosion in West, Texas, the natural disasters of weather destructions.

America will deal with these things.  We always do.

Last night they caught, alive, the second suspect in the bombing of the Boston Marathon.

Many wanted him dead.

Many hoped to catch him alive.

The persons who chose to set a bomb off at this public event played jury and judge and sentenced to death:

Krystle Campbell

Martin Richard

Lu Lingzi

And then:

Sean Collier

And sentenced to a life time of suffering and mourning hundreds of others, a city, a state, a country.  And a world full of people who don’t  understand acts of violence on innocent people.

The persons who took these actions immediately stripped all rights from all individuals who were affected.  Stripped the rights and inflicted punishment.

For what crime?


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