A Smoldering Butt

Just thought that was a catchy title…albeit a bit misleading like our media.  Just a tad misleading…’cuz the butt’s the other end.

I guess the news guys are finally rubbing off on me after all.


But as I watched my kids and their friends play in the front, I felt like playing around with my new, fancy-schmancy Canon point and shoot – specifically hand held close-ups of the business end of a nice cigar.

It was amazing that an inexpensive camera such as this could take such equally amazing (yuk to some!) close-ups:




I did switch to my standard Canon DSLR to snap these fun snapshots of my kids.  Little Brooke likes the distortion that erupts with this Canon 10-22mm lens…although a certain pro photographer buddy of mine will likely BBQ me over a slow but hot flame for using it.



28 thoughts on “A Smoldering Butt”

  1. The butt-end of your joke seemed good to me (and so is the camera – who cares what a photo-pro thinks?) You have fun with your cameras and the kids are definitely having fun – that’s a good life in a nutshell.

  2. This is fantastic ! You, me and everyone needs to fill this troubled old world with this kind of family love, fun and caring… like starting right now ! GO DADDY, GO DADDY, GO DADDY, GO DADDY, GOOOOOOOOO…. Your kids are most fortunate to have you in their life……..

      1. We raised 2 sons, and yes it’s tough, but one of these days you will come face to face with your parenting skills and find out….Hey, I got some pretty terrific kids…then you’ll know you did a good job… and there is no better feeling in the world.

  3. Thanks Koji! It’s time for a light moment. “Smokin” as Jim Carrey proclaimed in the Mask. Love the shots of your kids. Such happiness. I am with Anka… ah to be young again. Not that I don’t have a lot of kid in me… as Peggy would be quick to point out. (grin)

    1. Ahhh… The good things in life… 🙂 Brand of cigar? I recently tried Kristoff Ligero Maduro and found it wonderful. Until then, my faves were Bolivar Cofradia 654, Saint Luis Rey Serie G, and La Gloria Cubana – all of them maduro and at least 52 ring or bigger… What’s yours??

  4. Well, yes, for me the pictures of the children are just perfect–I love the happy, smiling, jumping, fun…

    Cigars, not a fan, but I’ve been known to take a few puffs at weddings. LOL! I am really interested in your Canon point and shoot! I’m in the market. Are you happy with it overall? These close-ups are impressive! Good to know!

    1. YOU?! Partake a few puffs?? Now THAT is something I’d like to see a picture of! 🙂

      This was my first real point and shoot. Although my ex had one, I never used it. But since this was for me, I researched more than usual and settled on the Canon SX260 HD. You can find it now for about $210 or so.

      Am I happy with it? DARN RIGHT I AM! It is unbelievable that such a camera can take such a variety of shots…especially close-ups. I stop short of using the term macro because it is inappropriate. There are quite a few more on my flickr site if you’d like to see.

      The fish-eye option is so fun to use! I’ve also shot it at FULL zoom – equivalent to 300mm – handheld. Unbelievable image stabilization. And as it is not a DIGITAL zoom, the image quality did not fall off.

      It powers up in less than a second. Very good image quality. While it does have HD video, I didn’t buy a point and shoot for video but it does do a very nice job.

      My only negative about it is I am so clumsy that the power on/off button is hard for me to push but everything else is a joy to use.

  5. I don’t know if you read your notifications, so I came back here to tell you I found the interpreter used between MacArthur & the Emperor – Faubion Bowers (1917-1917) was the general’s official interpreter and aide-de-camp.

  6. The children look super happy … I like the jumping one nod nods.

    Butt (spelled that way on purpose lol)….err….but omg…the other one…they are playing in the ROAD!

    1. Haha. Butt! Good one. But we live on a very quiet street – not that its an excuse… but I had them pose like that so the palm tree tops in the center could be seen. It was a silly bet I had with the owner of the cigar lounge. We had ten different pictures to take and this was one. Silly, isn’t it? Boys will be boys. 🙂

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