How Do You Choose For Him To Die

This dilemma strikes me solidly… What would YOU do?

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I’m going to share a story with you.  It is based in truth but I’ve changed facts so that you get the idea only of how this stuff works without telling you about the real person.

This is how things work, or don’t work.  And the resulting torment.  For anyone who cares.

I investigate allegations of abuse, neglect and exploitation of the elderly.  And people, let me tell you, there is a hell of a lot of that going on.

Imagine a 99 year old man.  Living in his house.  Alone.  That he has lived in for over fifty years.   Fifty years of it alone because his wife died young.

To this point in time he has never moved.  Choosing to stay where he is for whatever reason.  Even though the house that is his armor and shield is wearing thin and doing little to keep him protected.  …

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