17 thoughts on “Unbelievable Stoopidity”

  1. It seams that congress is always reneging on their promises about taking care of our men and woman who has served our country.

    1. Yes… The worse possible slap on our WOUNDED veterans is “there is no money to buy the paraplegics devices to help get them around” but they continue to have a bottomless pit for welfare and food stamps. Isn’t that incredible stupidity as well?

      1. Yes I agree and that they have their priority’s wrong. Especially since the government are the ones who sent us and them in to harms way.

    1. When I heard they passed the “budget” which included cutting back benefits, I went a bit ballistic. I saw this similar thing going around on in the internet so I threw the picture above together. But when our boys come back from Afghanistan with their legs blown off from cowardly IEDs, our government can’t issue them motorized wheelchairs “because there is no funding for it”… Yes, they continue to give away BAZILLIONS in welfare and food stamps to people that “may not” deserve it. Why don’t they EVER run out of money for that??? Oops… I got heated again… Smitty must be frowning at me…

      1. No, Smitty had a temper like your that explodes for valid reasons – you and he would get along famously. I want to also know why we continue sending billions over in foreign aid? Especially to countries that hate our guts!

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