35 thoughts on “Hmmm….”

      1. I agree about the global warming stuff… I remember back around 1989 (?), California had an extended drought. We weren’t allowed to water our lawns and it dried up into a dry yellow fire hazard. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. The weather has been crazy. My friend in Pomona says her almond tree budded way before schedule and my gardenia had flowers 3 months earlier than it was supposed to.

    1. Really?? That is early!! My cherry blossom tree also began blooming yesterday. Crazy indeed…while much of our nation is under deep snow… I hope you and your FAM are safe…

      1. We’re fine; thanks for asking. Florida has only had a drop in temperature the past 2 days, that’s all. But, I do have to keep checking on friends scattered around the country. So far, so good – only one has lost power.

      1. Not gallivanting, Kojiโ€ฆ just sitting in my favorite chair, looking up the mountain and watching the rain come down. Peggy is making noises about our walking the mile and a half round trip to our mailbox, but I am thinking driving. ๐Ÿ™‚ โ€“Curt

    1. Too late!
      Here in Boston we are going crazy. Up to ten more inches of snow tonight ( or so we have been sold ). Wind, endless gray skies and dirty crusted snow. Oh, joy.

      1. I knowโ€“ it’s been crazy. Every time I turn on the weather it seems like another major storm is hitting the Northeast. I am ever so sympathetic and ever so glad I am living in Southern Oregon. โ€“Curt

  2. Well, my friend, A New England winter would be so much easier if I had a neighbor who created homemade truffles! Or…Strawberry and Frangipane Tarts or Raspberry Mascarpone dessert! But no…and life is one great big black and white movie around here. Buy,hey, Dunkin Donuts is open so I can always get a Dunkin’ Dark Roast ice coffee no matter the weather!

    Seriously, ithough, ts gotten so bad I have a couple Key West, Florida live cams bookmarked just so I can see what warm weather is like. Its that bad.

  3. It’s a redbud–common here and in the south. It’s an early spring bloomer after the forsythia but before the crab apples. Of course we still have a foot of snow outside and about 14 degrees F. It’s nice to see flowers. Two days ago, in Ontario, CA, I saw a tiger swallowtail butterfly. Something to look forward to.

      1. You are going to make me cry! That was so sweet, thank you its been a long tiring day and as always you brighten my day!

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