Our America Divided

America Divided
My feeble attempt to express my opinion…

Our United States has become less of a nation.

It is more than just split in half.  A nation cannot survive split in two.

Think of our country being not much more than local drug gangs fighting for their drug turf.

Their own street corner in their perceived territories.

Each gang with their own beliefs, their own mini-economies, their own cultures and in-fighting for control.

And killing those who invade their boundaries.

One gang is right.  The other gangs are wrong.

And they choose to ignore their neighborhood if not hold them hostage.


To me, our nation no longer has collective major goals.

Heck, we Americans now may actually have less commonage with other Americans than ever before.

In my opinion, segregation by race fueled the beginning of disunion.

No.  I don’t condone segregation.  Of course not.  However, since the intense focus on racial segregation began – heightened by media beliefs and TV – in the 1950’s, a new mutated “segregation” has been kindled…and it is a roaring wildfire.

It’s no longer just the color of our skin.

We’re segregated by how we think and see things – in totality.

It’s about how we live and how we look upon how others live.  That’s segregation.

Religion.  Culture.  Even what language should be spoken.  Or is it languageS?  All segregation.

Look at our children’s textbooks.  Our views of their content and what is taught in the classroom varies drastically by how you think – or were raised.  Segregation.


We can’t even talk about certain subjects with people you meet.  You have fear of setting them off.

Health insurance.  Welfare.  Guns.  Executive Orders.  Terrorism.  Foreign policy.  Even approving driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants.

You name it.  I think it is absurd.


flag stars

This mutated concept of segregation is inflamed by our own political leaders and on a daily basis.  And the media, unfortunately, incite the segregation amongst peoples here, American citizen or not.  There is no reason to explain why here.

Every key event is made more severe, more infinitely dismembered by the politicians and media to suit THEIR agendas.  As government grows, we everyday people strongly contract to share our own beliefs only amongst small groups.  Not as a collective community of Americans.  A type of ugly segregation actually encouraged by those who lead us and by those “reporters” who elect to report an incomplete story to benefit their revenues or popularity.

And as national and state governments grow uncontrolled, our leaders go further blind and deaf, mired in their own re-elections, partisanship and haughty view of themselves.  So much so that never since the Civil War has there been so much movement towards secession.  And if not by state, by breaking up within a state.


union attacked
The union being attacked by deadly snakes.

Is there a civil war in store?  In 1861, it is written these were likely the major causes for the Civil War:

  1. Income and social disparity between the “North” and the “South”
  2. State versus federal rights
  3. Strong disagreement between pro- and anti-slavery states
  4. The election of Abraham Lincoln as President.

Sound familiar?  Look at my illustration at the top.  I’m no artist but I hope the message is clear.

I believe we will have another Gettysburg.  No, not with cannon and Gatling guns… Besides by that time, only the criminals will have guns.  But our union will become irreparably weak in all significant aspects if something doesn’t heal our wounds.  The upcoming elections will be key, in one way or another, no matter what your beliefs are.

I think we are in deep shit.

What about you?

24 thoughts on “Our America Divided”

  1. You are definitely in deep deep shit, but that shit is not only in the U.S.A. In Canada we call it tar sand politics.

  2. We’ve always been a nation divided. If there’s nothing outside to force us to take steps together, we seemed to make drama within. However, I’ve noticed when the shit gets deeper – e.g. 9/11 – Americans still come together pretty well.

    1. I generally agree with your feelings, sir… However, while there was a coming together after 9/11, I felt it withered under the onslaught of “political correctness”… much more quickly compared to WWII although it lasted but 3-1/2 years. The big difference was: the entire nation went to war and supported it unlike today.

  3. Reblogged this on Masako and Spam Musubi and commented:

    I wrote this about four years ago, I think… and it is not re-blogged to change anyone’s mind on a topic, especially if you eat soap pods. More so, it is re-blogged to let others know they are not alone in how they feel. Remember, this was written about four years ago.

  4. You are clearly grieved by the division as I am. There are those who truly wish to undermine the foundational principles that made this country great. They care little for the Constitution and seek only power. It is sad indeed.

    1. When I was in elementary school, I played “Army” with my neighborhood kids. They were 90% Hispanic but all spoke English better than me because English was my second language. Still, we “shot” other countless of times but other than a scraped elbows from diving into an imaginary foxhole, no blood was spilled. Of course, I also had to play the Japanese soldier – I could never be “Sgt. Rock”, my favorite comic book hero from that time. But then again, us kids didn’t know the difference between the European and Pacific theaters of war. Point is, not ONE of us got jailed or pointed a real gun or rifle at any soul. It was the parenting methods. I am positive.

  5. A very brave account of how you view your country, and it must have taken a lot to write it and to make it public. Don’t forget the one thing that I, as a foreigner can see, though. There are still lots and lots of nice Americans about and perhaps it’s about time that their voice was heard.

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