JFK: Who Really Killed Him?


While I do not care for the term “revisionist”, I do care about truth.

And it has always been my “feeling” that the Warren Commission Report’s conclusion on the assassination of JFK – that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman – is “flawed”.

I don’t even feel Oswald killed him.

No, I was not present during the Commission’s hearings nor was I even in Texas when JFK was murdered…  but is it PRACTICABLE that Oswald, using a cheaply made Russian Italian rifle, could accurately squeeze off three rounds – and hit the President twice?  Remember, he didn’t have a “dry run” before the motorcade drove by.

But this new documentary, “JFK: the Smoking Gun” was absolutely fascinating.

I watched it today on Netflix… for FREE.

Even if you were born after JFK’s assassination, watching this will give you some insight on how the Federal Government operates – to the detriment of the people it is to meant to serve.  It’s politicians trying to police politicians… Or the Secret Service trying to protect itself.

Netflix link:  JFK: The Smoking Gun

A trailer:

If you have military background, the ballistics analysis alone is overpowering.  Definitely worth watching for that alone.

…but I believe there was a second gunman.

Whoopee. 🙂

What about you?

28 thoughts on “JFK: Who Really Killed Him?”

  1. I have never believed Oswald killed JFK. First off, Oswald barely qualified with his service rifle; secondly, the target was moving. Third, Oswald had no motive to kill the president. Fourth, LBJ did have a motive and it would not have been the first time LBJ was implicated in a homicide.

    1. I agree with your comments except for the LBJ part – because I am not versed in that subject. But based on the simple ballistics as explained in the documentary, I do believe the “accidental gunman” was the Secret Service Agent.

  2. Watched it also last year on TV.

    I was in my 10th grade when the principal came in and told the students the President had been shot.
    I was 15 at that time.
    As a Canadian I was always interested in that fatal shooting, and I always believe that he was intentionally killed by higher forces.

    Oswald was just a pawn.

    That’s my own humble opinion.

    1. Thank you, Pierre. The assassination continues to plague those like us. But now, I firmly believe there was a second gunman albeit likely by accident. As to whether or not Oswald was a pawn we may never truly know.

  3. I’m with Mustang. Had to be two — possibly three — shooters. Over the years, there have been the best riflemen in the world who have tried to duplicate what happened that day. In the alloted time, exact weapon used, distance and obstacles — not one could do it. The trajectory of shots don’t even line up.
    Add in the factor of how Dallas PD, and all concerned, handled the situation. If the Three Stooges were directing the Keystone Kops it couldn’t have worked out better.
    LBJ’s Warren Commission was nothing more than a circus act to place the right answers where they needed to be placed. The commission was made up with people who owed LBJ or those who practically had to have a gun at their head to be on it.
    A lot of people took the answers to their grave — some for the money and a bunch to keep their mouths shut. The government was just as crooked back then as it is now; those were more naive times, though.
    To coin a phrase — At this point in time, what difference does it really make? (Whooa… I can hear the booing and feel those rotten tomatoes being thrown at me from here!)

    1. As for the rotten tomatoes… One bit of intel gathered by the MIS Niseis after interrogating some Japanese soldiers who surrendered: they said they were terrified. They were terrified as for every mortar round they would fire, the Marines would fire ten back. So no. No rotten tomatoes from me, Marine. 😉

      This documentary did not show much bias (although they were making a documentary to be sold) in my opinion. The detective stated that on the Commission’s behalf, they didn’t have computers or files/statements/witnesses that could be cross-referenced like we could today. He noted – as you allude – that many “valid” witnesses were never called… or statements not followed up at all but just ignored. Physical evidence that disappeared (like a part of JFK’s brain, FBI autopsy reports and privately taken negatives), conflicting testimony that was not taken to conclusion, witness testimony (and even a photo) stating a SS agent fielded an automatic weapon, etc.

      But the most damning were the bullets themselves and ballistic science. The investigator does conclude there were three shots – but the trajectory of the “head shot” shows the origin to be… from the Secret Service vehicle trailing JFK: John Hickey. He wasn’t even supposed to be in the motorcade and had been assigned to prep JFK’s limo; not ride in it.

      My (amateur) opinion is Oswald fired at least one round and that one round, being FMJ, passed through JFK and into Connelly. The head shot was a frangible bullet which literally exploded his head…and came from Secret Service Agent John Hickey albeit an accident. And there were eleven witnesses who stated they smelled gunpowder at street level. Certainly couldn’t be from the 6th floor of the Depository.

      Yes, Hickey took it to the grave. The Secret Service successfully covered up their ghastly error. And yes, LBJ made sure the Warren Commission report met political goals.

      But why revisit? ‘Cuz I want to know! LOL Just like FDR and Pearl Harbor. 🙂 And show how our government protects themselves to the detriment of the citizens.

      Loved your comment, Gunny!

      1. Your ballistics make for a really good case, Koji. Let’s take it a step further; what if this wasn’t (and I don’t believe that it was*) a ghastly error?

        *It’s really reaching for me to believe that an SS agent has an accidental discharge and that the round finds its mark centered on JFK’s head. I was also under the impression that the BACK of JFK’s head was blown out, thus making it a frontal shot.

      2. According to accounts (mainly the Zapruder image), “people” wanted Americans to believe it was a “frontal shot from the Grassy Knoll”. It is conjecture.

        I don’t need to say anything to a Marine as to what happens movement-wise from a head shot from the rear by an AR-15 frangible round. There is ultimately a backward movement of the head as the 5.56 round explodes forward according to Donahue, the ballistics expert. In reality, the shot came from the rear and blew out the top right of his skull. The entry hole was apparently SMALLER than one that can be caused by a 6.5mm caliber from Oswald’s piece of junk rifle. In other words, the 6.5mm FMJ round could NOT fit in the 5.56mm hole. Therefore, the round came from another weapon…and shooter.

        Here is a photo of Hickey wielding the AR-15:

        Please note that JFK’s head was slumped forward from the throat shot; therefore, when the kill shot hit, the trajectory leads back to the left rear seat of the trailing limo.

        You otta watch the documentary. You and the Colonel know WAY more than I do about rounds and ballistics. I’m just a nosy citizen. As for it being a chance or accidental shot: death from friendly fire does happen.

      3. You’ve made your case, Koji, and — now — I’m more than inclined to go with what you’ve come up with.
        The one thing that I know for sure… friendly fire, isn’t.

      1. I know but he didn’t shoot!!!!

        I will watch this Koji. Hopefully by mid week I will be caught up. I am likely going to be sitting here for 2 hours trying to catch up with comments!

  4. I’m still lining up on the side of the proposition that someone other than Oswald killed President Kennedy. Now a lot has been made of his sojourn to the old Soviet Union, marrying a Russian woman, and so no. The KGB admitted that Oswald applied to them for a position, but not even the KGB was that stupid. So what does that tell you about Oswald? He was a stupid patsy.

    Ah, but patsy to whom? I’ve already answered that question. But I don’t think that George Hickey killed JFK by accident. Sitting in the back of a sedan with an AR-15, round in the chamber … are you telling me that the weapon was off safe in an environment where there were literally thousands of people lined up to get a glimpse of King Arthur? Are SS agents THAT stupid? How did the rifle come from an elevated position to a rather precise angle to the back of the president’s head?

    Believe me when I tell you that I enjoy the dialogue … but I’m sticking with my original theory. There’s a saying about quantum physics: if you think you understand it, you don’t. This same principle may also apply to the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

    1. You are the master, Sir. I am but Grasshopper! According to conflicting testimony in the poor Warren Commission report that wasn’t investigated until recently, the Presidential detail went drinking until 5 AM. Hickey was assigned to the trailing car likely due to hangovers. His statement did confirm the AR-15 was in his reach but claims he locked and loaded after the three shots. When driver of his car lunged forward, he lost his balance. Other testimony disclosed it was loaded and cocked but the safety was on… But I hear you on the quantum physics. There’s just too many conflicting testimony against Hickey… As to Oswald, he likely was a patsy, I agree, and for a greater power…

    1. Realizing you are busy with not just your sequel but with Tommy, the most fascinating disclosure is about the ballistics…and from where science says the final bullet came from…

  5. very interesting, indeed, Koji-san… frankly speakin’, I guess we’ll never know the real truth – just like for Marilyn Monroe’s death… btw, a new book has been recently published and it seems that Bobby Kennedy had her killed as she knew too much “stuff” about the Kennedy family…

    1. Indeed, MM’s end is one for eternal speculation as it is for JFK. Bobby and the other Kennedy’s had their own “famous” circle including Peter Lawford and the like. Lots of power. Maybe I’ll look into that book!

  6. I am really fascinated with all the JFK theories, and what I do believe is that there is more to the story than Oswald. I think where it all falls apart for me is the Jack Ruby connection. Killing Oswald so very quickly just always felt very suspect to me. It’s hard for me to say what I actually think happened, but I just don’t think it’s the whole story! Interesting videos, Koji. I will check out the Netflix film!

    1. I hope you will have the time and interest to view the documentary. I stumbled across it late at night and couldn’t stop watching it. Like you, Oswald could not have let off three rounds in so short a time. And Jack Ruby, too…

  7. “Russian rifle”? No, Oswald had a Carcano. It’s Italian and a difficult rifle in many ways, inferior to the Russian, German, and American rifles of the same vintage. I agree, if Oswald did it, it was miraculous shooting, and all the more so for the rifle he had purchased.

    1. You are right! I am going to blame this darn keyboard. lol

      Thank you for reading and your thoughts. Indeed, to have fired off three rounds from that poorly designed ITALIAN rifle in that short of time and under stress would truly be questionable. The investigator also explained why there were three casings in the Depository. Two were near each other, a third some feet away. That one – which was dented – was a chamber plug meaning Oswald did get off two rounds.

      Thank you again for your expert correction. It should be corrected above.

  8. One only need look at who shot Oswald to figure out what organization killed Kennedy and why. And, no it was not the CIA, or KGB, or Castro. It was not any ‘conspiracy’ of any kind. It was nothing more than a mob hit, for all the usual reasons. Let’s not forget how the Kennedy’s made their wealth. 😉

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