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JFK: Who Really Killed Him?


While I do not care for the term “revisionist”, I do care about truth.

And it has always been my “feeling” that the Warren Commission Report’s conclusion on the assassination of JFK – that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman – is “flawed”.

I don’t even feel Oswald killed him.

No, I was not present during the Commission’s hearings nor was I even in Texas when JFK was murdered…  but is it PRACTICABLE that Oswald, using a cheaply made Russian Italian rifle, could accurately squeeze off three rounds – and hit the President twice?  Remember, he didn’t have a “dry run” before the motorcade drove by.

But this new documentary, “JFK: the Smoking Gun” was absolutely fascinating.

I watched it today on Netflix… for FREE.

Even if you were born after JFK’s assassination, watching this will give you some insight on how the Federal Government operates – to the detriment of the people it is to meant to serve.  It’s politicians trying to police politicians… Or the Secret Service trying to protect itself.

Netflix link:  JFK: The Smoking Gun

A trailer:

If you have military background, the ballistics analysis alone is overpowering.  Definitely worth watching for that alone.

…but I believe there was a second gunman.

Whoopee. 🙂

What about you?