Thriving Love

Although many readers will be busy into their three-day weekend, it was deemed appropriate to re-blog last year’s Memorial Day post of Mrs. Marge Johnson.
I had promised to take her back to visit her husband in a couple of months…but that was never to be. She also passed away after an illness.
While her husband Sgt. Doreston Johnson survived combat during WWII, I still believe it fitting to reshare their story. In addition, her first visit to see her husband is chronicled here:
Enjoy your weekend.

Masako and Spam Musubi

2013-05-25 11.08.19 Marge and I at Riverside National Cemetery, Memorial Day Weekend 2013


[Please also see “Mr. Johnson, USMC” if you wish to learn the background of this couple from the Greatest Generation by clicking on the link.]

Dear Marge,

Well, Marge, you made it indeed…  To see your beloved husband Johnnie for Memorial Day.

A heroic US Marine who fought on-board the USS Enterprise in World War II.


And he was but 17 years old when he set sail for the Battle of Midway.

Seventeen.  You said he was still in high school when he signed up for the Marines.  Unbelievable.

We were met by thousands of American flags being planted by hundreds of Boy Scouts and volunteers.  You were so happy to see the red, white and blue saturating the cemetery, bit by bit.


While the Boy Scouts hadn’t made it yet to your husband’s resting place…

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