18 thoughts on “Wordless Honor”

      1. I’m sorry, Koji that I am at a loss to express the gratitude and friendship I feel. I should have a 10-page narrative here to honor you and your actions, but I keep choking up. Thank you is not enough to say.

  1. After the war Jack was among us, and yet he stood apart from us, as all who have fought in our nation’s battles stand apart from us. For truly it is only they, these humble warriors who really understand “at what cost freedom.” The meaning … the cost … of freedom has permeated all their senses. They have smelt its meaning in the stench of bloody battle fields, heard it shout in the bombardment of weaponry, been touched by its comradery by the arms of their buddys draped their shoulder, they’ve tasted their own salty tears of sorrow and fear, and they have seen freedom’s endurance and love in the eyes of a dying soldier. We can all stand beside them, our veterans, but we cannot stand with them. And, for those who never returned to us, we owe unremitting gratitude. God Bless you, Jack. I would have loved to have meant you. Thank you, Koji, for sharing Jack with us.

    1. You write so eloquently, Jeanne Rene…and voice accurate words. As you saw with your father and now with your son, they keep their experiences bottled up. They can only talk about it with their brethren…and sometimes, not even family.

      Yes, bless them all… I thought of your pop when I went to the cemetery on Friday and Saturday, Jeanne Rene. I’m sure your Memorial Day – as always – was spent honoring them.

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