As my little 11 year old Cake Boss would say when I would light up a cigar, “Ewwww, Papa!  That’s gross!”

Well, you have no idea of “ewww” or “gross” until now.

Unfortunately, I used the last of the soap yesterday…  It was too late when I stepped into the shower that I had forgotten to buy soap.

I was confronted with not washing at all…or…


…use my little Cake Boss’ soap…  Excuuuuse me.  Shower gel.

I now smell of Cranberry Twinkle.

No, I reek.

It stinks.



And the smell won’t go away.

Gotta light up a stogie to mask this wretched girlie odor.

Wait a minute.

I can’t.  It’s 1:30 AM.



Not that anyone should notice but my attention had been diverted away from WordPress the past month or so.  I decided to try and build a small (potential) income stream by (possibly) selling my photographs on websites.  You know.  Like for prints, greeting cards, cell phone cases and the like.  Frankly, I don’t know why anyone would want to buy a photograph versus a painting but what the heck.

So my days outside of dealing with the ex-wife – who thrives on interfering during my supposed time with my kids – has been focused on setting up a (cheap) studio and shooting macros of flowers and the like.  Plus having been an amateur FILM photographer in my youth, all this “photo editing” stuff has been a huge challenge.  I’m up against young(er) pros who all they know is digital photography.  You know.  Fred Flintstone meets Captain Kirk.  Oh well.

I also don’t know why I focused on macro photography for a niche market since I never had attempted it before… and the only thing I know about flowers is how to kill them.  Certainly, other niche markets like patriotism, sports and pets would be broader but macros would be doable and without much expense.  Besides, nothing would have to die.

Anyways, here’s a few of my recent snapshots:












And for a finale…  Isn’t this a face only a mother could love?  It is an actual flower called a Cuphea, or a “purpurea Firecracker”.  Aren’t you impressed with this old former mechanic?


One of my websites is here: Fine Art America.


Time to light up a stogie.

I know.  Ewww.

But it’s better than smelling reeking like Cranberry Twinkle.

40 thoughts on “Ewww….”

  1. Fantastic job, Koji!! The website is well thought-out and easy to use – I’ll be back! You deserve all the success in the world!!

    1. Thank you, gpcox. The question is, of course, are of an appearance that would lead someone to buy? 🙂 Frankly, I just don’t know. Pictures are a dime a dozen, you know!

      1. The economy is only just picking up – at least around here – very slow since food and gasoline keep going up around this place – so I wouldn’t get discouraged too quickly. Advertise and hang in there – when you’re good – you’re good!

  2. Ewww indeed! That’s for the Crenberry Twinkle smell 😀 Good luck with the new projects – your photos are splendid. Would suggest that you watermark the online versions though as they’re ripe for the stealing for web use at least.

  3. Your absence has been noticed 😦
    But I’ve been receiving “new product updates” from your store (as I’ve favorited it on Zazzle) so I thought you were busy 😉 So many beautiful products to choose from, I will be back too 😀
    因みに、cranberry twinkleって本当に面白いですね(笑)

      1. ご親切でWebsiteを見てもらってありがたいですね。。。いつもVisitしてくれまして、有難う御座います。かえって、私はWordpressに時間かけること出来なくて。。。申し訳御座いません。

  4. Dear Twinkle Berry, I think your photography is phenomenal. You should be doing this. And I would also like to see much more of your other interests included. And I, for one, have greatly missed your presence here. Good luck with your new venture. 🙂

  5. I live this post from your “Fred Flintstone meets Captain Kirk” top to your Twinkle Berry toes, Koji! Your photography is terrific! I enjoyed every aspect of your post. Good luck with the income-producing element.

  6. You make me laugh, Koji. I love your sense of humor–the Cranberry Twinkle story is very funny. I love your flower macros and I love seeing them posted here and on Flickr. I think it’s so cool that we have the opportunity to play with all this great new technology and even open up our own store fronts! I wish you all the best with your new venture. I look forward to seeing more. :))

    1. Thank you Jeannie… My time on WordPress has been limited for this reason, that reason… But one thing is for sure. This photo editing software is definitely tough to master.

  7. Your macro work is gorgeous and they allow us to see an often unnoticed world of wonder and beauty. I’m following you both on Zazzle and FineArtAmerica. Cranberry Twinkle …. lol … 🙂

  8. Koji, I watched that link you sent and you are right – I don’t know whether to delete it or not – WOW!!
    Have you heard about the 3 buses that showed up in Marrieta, CA and were finally turned back? The Border Patrol are being told not to talk about it to the media by D.C.

  9. Now was your little Cake Boss unhappy that you’d used her shower gel? I’m to sure how cranberry and smoke smell when combined, but it might be a little “off.” I really do wish you well with your endeavor, Koji. Your photography is really lovely and I think the macros are just fantastic. Why not, I’d say! Good for you.

    1. Aw, thanks, Debra… But whoa… That Cranberry Twinkle was whoo-ee, strong! I really may need to rethink this macro flower stuff… I doubt it will be enticing to anyone as is.

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