13 thoughts on “Just Some Snapshots #12”

  1. You changed your format and put in a post of great cars – Koji seems to be transforming. Let me take this change to wish you and yours the very best the Holiday Season has to offer and that it carries over throughout the New Year!!

    1. Thank you gpcox, very much. I believe I will received field documents as to where my uncle was during the Leyte battles and if we match them with Smitty’s, I don’t know what I’d think1

      1. I would hate to think they met on the field of battle, face to face. But those odds would be astronomical with the number of men involved.

      2. Of course the odds are incalculable… but even if they walked past the same path a day apart we’d never know… That’s what drives me bonkers. My uncle would have been skin and bones by then anyways… Merry Christmas, gpcox!

  2. Great series, Koji! I really love the shiny beauty of the man-made cars (nice use of selective colour, by the way) juxtaposed with the organic shape of the flower blossom. I really enjoy your photography, Koji. It’s always such a pleasure to see. :))

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