Just Have To…


I just have to…  Sorry.

It is beyond me as to why Obama would make such an effort to “come to an agreement” with Iran..?

That piece of paper equals the folly of Chamberlain’s Munich Agreement of 1938.  Redux.

However, as to why, consider some of his past umgwalla-gwalla decisions and actions:

  1. He is the only president who would celebrate in the Rose Garden with the parents of a deserter – a deserter that cost the lives of six additional young American soldiers that were sent out to “rescue” him.  (Mark my words: Obama will ensure Bergdahl gets off.)
  2. Help spark civil unrest by describing a young thug who was killed as “he could have been my son”…then doing nothing to quell the unrest.
  3. Legalizing illegal immigrants via Executive Order whose first act of being in the US was criminal.
  4. The “IRS” and Lerner.
  5. Afghanistan – he ended the war, right?
  6. Obamacare
  7. Putin
  8. Downgrading terror attacks on our own soil.
  9. Allowing Hillary to use “private email”.
  10. Treatment of our glorious veterans and the VA cover-ups.
  12. ISIS

Well, I do have an reply:

What difference, at this point, does it make?

2 thoughts on “Just Have To…”

  1. Reminds me a bit of Chamberlain, except that Chamberlain had an excuse: Britain was still scarred by casualties of WW 1 and wasn’t ready either militarily or psychologically for another war. So Chamberlain was trying to buy time. Imho, he has been unfairly treated by those who don’t really look at what he was looking at at the time. Obama, otoh, has no excuse. The idea that the Iranians would abide by any agreement not in their national interest is preposterous. They will violate it when they want, and the inspections will be the same joke they were with Saddam.

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