She’s Killing Me #6

She’s killing me, I tell ya.

My Little Cake Boss…

But now, it will have to be My Little Cake Boss…DIVA.

That’s right.  My Little Cake Boss Diva.


3 15 2009 4 smart copy
Before she became the Little Cake Boss Diva.

After (manipulatively) maneuvering me over several weeks, she entrapped me into taking her and two friends on a shopping frenzy (for them, not me).  My back ached for days.  My fingers developed callouses from having to hold their bazillion shopping bags that weighed over a hundred pounds each.

But I am a slow learner.  Yes, I am.

From about the time of the shopping frenzy, she had already begun her next manipulation.

Hindsight is always 100%, you know.


“Papa, don’t you think my hair looks nice?  It’s really more bronze, yeah?  Feel it.”

“Yes, its soft and bronze at the ends, just like Robyn’s (my oldest daughter),” I said.

She brought it up again…within a couple of days of the first.


“Papa, what did Robyn use to highlight her hair?”

WTF?  Her mother (illegally) does hair.  Why doesn’t she ask her?  I said, “I don’t know.”

But I am a slow learner… or a real slow catcher-oner.  (That’s supposed to be a word and it’s in Webster’s.)  Perhaps dense is a better descriptive, especially when it comes to girl jabber.  I mean, girl talk.

Father's Day 2010
My four kids on Father’s Day 2010. My Little Cake Boss Diva is missing a tooth. My oldest son on the right is now pursuing his PhD.

A few days later, “Papa, you know my hair is really a dark, bronze color…  Do you think my hair would look better with lighter highlights or darker red highlights like Robyn had?”

OMG.  Gulp.

But I played coy… I played dumb.  But I texted Robyn so that I could be prepared.  “What did you use to highlight your hair?”

“I used a Groupon deal,” she answered.

Dang it.

So I texted my USAF buddy’s wife, Ms. S.  She’s a girlie girl.  She should know.

“Oh, it’s really tricky to do it yourself.  You should take her to get it done.”

The whole world is against me.

Her Snow White birthday party and her “bronze” hair.  Oh, she’s the one on the right.

So on Sunday, April 12th (three days before income tax returns are due), I tell her in the morning, “Oooookay, Bu-chan…  Let’s go get your hair highlighted.”

You should have seen her face light up.  It was as if Little Miss Energy got plugged into a 220v socket.  For the first time in her life, she got into the car…somewhat quickly.  Who am I kidding?  She took 20 minutes.  She had to change and brush her hair…and get her iPhone, of course.

I take her to this salon nearby that the gals have told me about.  I drive up.  It’s closed.  WTF?

So we drove across the street to this fancy-schmancy place the WOMEN tell me about (i.e., $$$).  It was a little past 10 am so I was hoping to get her a walk-in.  Parked out in front and the sign said OPEN.  Well, it was not.  What’s with these women places??!  Barbershops are open on Sunday!

So the Little Cake Boss Diva gets on her phone and says there’s a salon open.  I never ask her to tell me where some place is because 30 miles is down the block to her.  Luckily, it was about 15 minutes away.  She calls but the line’s busy.  We go anyways.

Well, they were booked up solid…  She looked kinda sad but I knew of this one other place next to Yum-Yum Donuts that was for sure open…and it was close to the house.

We get there.  They take her.

She sits in the chair.  Out comes her iPhone.  Selfie time, I guess.

She’s probably texting the whole student body.
The transformation begins…and the biggest grin gets bigger.
Still grinning…
Blow drying.
“Stop taking pictures, Papa!” Tough.
The grin is still there at dinner…


I think she was a most happy camper.

She manipulated me again, hasn’t she?

But I am glad she wanted to manipulate me.

34 thoughts on “She’s Killing Me #6”

  1. Such a good looking family, Koji. You must burst with pride daily (when you can catch a breath that is). The highlights are looking good and convey my Congrats to your son for pursuing his Ph.D. – best of luck with his orals! [I know he’ll breeze thru].

    1. I’m sure he will, gpcox. Thanks! The funny thing is he was a very mischievous boy… School wasn’t an ambition but now, he’s “straight A’s”. He even beat out his oldest sister in Organic Chemistry – with an A!

  2. I enjoyed the way this was told – and ahhhhh – you are one awesome guy Koji – things like this really do matter – and I loved the final pic – with the food and highlighted hair – (and I have seen some botched highlights so “good” highlights are appreciated ) ❤ ❤

      1. Yes, Peggy does occasionally take advantage. 🙂 And I get the power of youngsters. I was doing an article on first graders earlier in the week who are publishing their own books. Each one shook my hand, looked me in the eye, smiled and welcomed me to the class. They had me! –Curt

  3. Great job on how to get dad wrapped around her finger! 🙂 I like her hair she was right it looks terrific. you do have beautiful children and have done a good job raising them.

      1. you can fool me! In spite of the ups and downs of parenthhod and raising children your children seem to be successful and well behaved. good job dad!

  4. You are such a good dad, Koji! I mean it! You gave your little diva a very happy memory and I just love that. She’s beautiful, with or without the highlights! 🙂 What a lovely family. I’d love to know what your son is studying?

    1. Thank you, Debra. I do hope she remembers… 🙂 My son is studying “kinesiology”. Is that spelled right? He was a champion wrestler in HS days and was ranked 6th or 7th in CIF so he’s had an interest in sports for quite some time. He also benches 400#.

  5. You have a beautiful family, Koji! Great photo essay of the highlight process—they turned out beautifully, though your daughter’s hair is gorgeous without them (highlights are fun to have though). I love the big smile on her face! And congrats to your son for working on his PhD. Kinesiology is a great field. All my best to your lovely family. :))

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