Sad news on Grafton Underwood…

We’re not the only ones here in the US that have flag burners. Further, they are all cowards doing it in hiding.

Aviation Trails

I heard from my good friend, that the recently refurbished RAF Grafton Underwood Memorial, has been ‘attacked’ by as yet unknown people or persons and has had the two flags (the Union flag and the Stars and Stripes) that flew on the masts, removed and burnt.

This is particularly sad as a lot of hard work had gone into the refurbishment after a long battle with local land owners and officials.

The good news is that the memorial itself was not harmed and that the ‘opening’ will go ahead as planned. Veterans of Grafton will be joind by locals as the memorial is dedicated and officialy opened. A fly past by the B17 ‘Sally B’ is also scheduled to take place at the dedication.

Why people do such things is beyond me, I can only hope that they are found and dealt with appropriately.

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2 thoughts on “Sad news on Grafton Underwood…”

  1. I don’t understand the desire destroy or deface monuments. We have a Revolutionary War Battlefield nearby with monuments that they had to put a fence around but that didn’t stop the spray painted graffiti.

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