Just Some Snapshots 16

Although it’s February and climate experts said we’d have a helluva El Niño, it hasn’t really appeared.  Even if it starts to rain here and there from now, the deluge they’ve been warning us Southern Californians about for half a year will not materialize.

So the drought will continue…

In the meantime, I thought I’d take advantage of the clear blue skies and took some snapshots out in front.

Some winter hummingbirds.  They love the tree aloe blooms in my neighbor’s yard:







Just a sprinkle:


And there’s a bazillion of these Kalanchoe Lavender Scallops Variegata (Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi) blooming:


This little succulent bloom is at the tip of thin, bright green stalks and is about maybe 1/3″ in diameter.  The photo below shows the blooms in different stages of opening.



34 thoughts on “Just Some Snapshots 16”

      1. Thank you, Ed. BTW, your blog and my Android devices don’t seem to get along. Comments seem to go into an abyss. I had the same hurdle with Gunny, i.e., Chuck, who I miss greatly. I had written my first was a Ruger 10-22LR. 🙂

      1. Oh, no! The photo of a child’s hand with a Hummingbird was taken by someone else (linked). ☺ As for camera, I only have the Canon 70D; its not a full sensor but used a 200mm Canon f/2.8 lens (no I/S).

  1. The hummingbirds have been all over my garden, too! They love the succulents and I have feeders, but recently the bees have found the feeders and now I’m not sure what to do about that! Your photos are wonderful, Koji. I’m not ready to completely give up on rain! I heard a climatologist from JPL still quite sure we’ll have lots of rain…kind of hard to believe when it’s 90 degrees in February, though, I do admit!

    1. That’s one reason I’ve stayed away from feeders. Besides, my kids will never tend to it. ☺ I wish it would rain too… I guess my thought was even if it rains from today, the massive flooding and such they predicted for so will have fewer chances to occur now. The drought continues! Good bye to washing cars!

  2. Wow! An absolutely beautiful series of photos, my friend! In the summer we have humming birds here, though they are not all that common so it’s always a treat to see one. What fun it would be to photograph them among such exquisite flowers. Well done, Koji! :))

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