In Case You All Forgot…

Today was the day in 1945 that our flag was raised – TWICE – on Iwo Jima by our courageous Marines… and there there is only ONE movie of the historic event explained in my story below:


Cherish our US Marines and all those who wear our uniforms.

23 thoughts on “In Case You All Forgot…”

  1. Thank you for the reminder. I’m going to try and reblog this. I don’t really know how to do it right. They changed the “reblog” option and now there’s a Press This thing. Hmmmm…I haven’t tried that before. I want to put your post under a Celebration of Service title. Well…wish me luck…

  2. I’m having a little trouble. When I try to use the “Press This” button, it only provides a link that one can click to get to this page. A whole blog page with just a blue link isn’t very interesting, visually speaking. I wanted the whole thing (text and photos) to show up like it used to when you used the “reblog” button. I tried the cut and paste method and it works for the text/photos but won’t allow me to add a link to this actual page. The link shows up in my writing just fine but when I preview the post, it’s nowhere to be found. Didn’t matter if I put it above or below your writing. So weird. I wish they wouldn’t change things all the time!

    Anyway, I wanted you to know what happened. I’m not able to publish since I can’t figure out how to properly give you credit. Rats!

    I might try a few more times…surely, it shouldn’t be this hard! At any rate, thank you for your excellent post!

      1. Well…now I’m putting unwanted links all over the place (turning the text part into links but not on purpose). It’s making me mad…

        They shouldn’t change things like this…sheesh!

  3. Oh, have mercy! I finally mangaged to jimmy-jack a post together so that I could pass on this great piece. I kind of went down the lane, over the bridge and through the back door to get it to come out in an acceptable manner but it’s there!

    I’m such a techno-loser!

  4. A very fine historian – Mustang – has again reminded us of our past. Now, go out and tell your children and grandchildren.

    Thanks, Mustang. Keep up the fire.

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