I Am Abhorred


Photo by Sarah Sanders.

Several years ago, a certain “group” of people – comprised of citizens and non-citizens – screamed bloody murder when a PRIVATELY owned business declined selling their pastry to a gay couple.

Today, the same group of people are screaming for JOY when a PRIVATELY owned business told our Press Secretary they would not serve her and her party… not because of race, religion or sexual preference. Just “because”.

Believably, these people who are cheering the restaurant’s choice say, “They have the right to refuse service to anyone they choose,” just like the pastry shop.

I am abhorred.

I write this not to change your mind if you are part of this hating group; rather, to let others not of this group know there are others who feel disgusted this hypocrisy is raging – just based on unfounded hatred.

The Press Secretary is a hard working mother and wife as shown in their picture above (taken by Sarah Sanders)…and in a power position. Is this not what Liberals are preaching?

I cannot imagine the stress she is under just being wife and mother.

20 thoughts on “I Am Abhorred”

  1. We are commanded to forgive–otherwise, we are hypocrites because hatred is always unjustifiable, and cannot ever be meted out fairly.

    1. How have you been? Indeed, we are commanded to forgive. Unfortunately, this “lot” – like our greedy Congressional “representatives” that vote by how THEY feel – may have turned their backs to God.

    1. Thank you, gpcox. It makes you wonder what the half-million young men and boys died for 75 years ago… Sad.

      This lot of people scream discrimination when a businedd removes a homeless person from a restaurant… yet scream for joy when our Press Secretary was told her party wouldn’t be served because she works at the White House.

      Imagine if someone under Obama was given the same treatment.

      It is the pot calling the kettle black.

  2. Koji, I hope those fires are not causing you or any of your family loss of property or ill health due to the smoke! Please take care – all of you!!

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