Combat! – Part 1


I just remembered one other TV “macho man” my mom was infatuated with along with Vic Morrow… Jack LaLanne! Remember him? The fitness guy who wore grey workout clothes? LOL Geez, mom always gave my poor dad some sharp words about how “unmanly” he was…

Masako and Spam Musubi


Back in the very early 1960’s, my dad picked up a used B&W TV set from an appliance store’s outdoor parking lot sale at Atlantic Square in Monterey Park, CA.  It was loaded into the cavernous trunk of his 1955 Ford Victoria coupe, also bought (really) used.  He probably should have spent the money on repairing the car instead of buying that TV.  Anyways, the TV was our first one, dust covered vacuum tubes and all.  At least it turned on.

Well, mom commandeered it.  Don’t ask me why.  After all, she didn’t speak much English at all having come here just a few years earlier.

While I was able to watch The Mouseketeers, Sheriff John and Engineer Bill in the morning, the night belonged to mom.  She decided what to watch.  I don’t recall dad ever saying anything either, but then, he never did.  (ps Sheriff John read off…

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5 thoughts on “Combat! – Part 1”

  1. Jack LaLanne had that dog, too. Happy was included on the program, I understand, to help attract children to the idea of exercise. I remember a friend’s mother was a devoted Jack LaLanne fan, and exercised along with the program.

  2. Ah-hah!! You know Smitty and I watched this every episode and then the reruns!!
    Thanks for the memory, Koji!
    All the best for the new decade, my friend!

  3. In my younger days Jack LaLanne convinced me to try out for the Mr. America contest. I did … ended up losing my citizenship. I remember the TV show “Combat.” Vic Morrow came to a sad end. My favorite TV programs as a youngster were Dragnet and Superman. In films, The DI and Sands of Iwo Jima.

    Happy New Year, Koji … keep up the good work in 2020!

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