Operation Detachment – The Battle for Iwo Jima

Iwo Jima was 75 years ago this month… God bless the Corps.

Fix Bayonets!

Note: So much has been written about the Battle of Iwo Jima, by individuals far more qualified than myself, some of whom participated in it, all of whom conducted extensive research on this iconic battle, that I have avoided the effort for years.  But the Battle of Iwo Jima has called out to me to write something in tribute to the men who served there.  What follows is my unworthy summary an event that traumatized its survivors for the balance of their lives.    

Iwo Jima 001American successes in the Pacific campaign forced the Japanese war machine to reevaluate their situation.  By the end of the Marshal Islands campaign, senior Japanese naval and army officers realized the truth of what Admiral Yamamoto had predicted three years earlier.  Japan had awoken a sleeping giant.

It was always Japan’s intention to create an inner perimeter defense of its home…

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3 thoughts on “Operation Detachment – The Battle for Iwo Jima”

  1. I was at the cemetery yesterday visiting my family and talked to Dad about you (as usual). I can never thank you enough for taking that letter to Leyte!! What a friend you’ve been all these years, Koji!!!

    1. Amen, gpcox, amen! You have been as well! It has been so busy the past three years after getting re-married to say the least. Leisurely spending tine at home has been nil. Truly, I think about Smitty as well – down to the bar room scuffle about the “missing drink”.

      1. You always make me smile. It is good that the marriage is going fine, I hope the “kids” are happy and healthy too!! Take care my friend!

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