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A Democracy…? Or Playing Perceived Loopholes?

Espousing a political agenda is not an intent here.

But I do support upholding basic laws and rights.

But I do NOT support anyone being above the law (or stretching the words making up a law) to fulfill a personal viewpoint and to further political goals.

Court: Obama appointments to labor panel are unconstitutional

As a side note…  It’s just my humble opinion but because something is LEGAL does NOT make it RIGHT.

About Rights

Our rights.

The Bill of Rights stems from those natural rights…at least in my opinion.  I ain’t a lawyer, thank goodness.

Original Bill of Rights
Original Bill of Rights

And if my schooling and failing memory are correct, this Bill of Rights sought out to protect us from our own newly created government.  It sought out to call out these rights simply…and protect us from tyranny.

It put into simple language a guarantee of a number of personal freedoms, limit the government’s power in certain areas, and provide power to the states and the public.

The Bill of Rights cements our national culture, I feel.

Help me out here, smarter people than I.


But can an American overrule this foundation, the Bill of Rights.  Singly overrule this foundation?


Its called an Executive Order.  The President of the United States can act as a monarch in concept.

Tremendous power, yes?

But do we learn from our past mistakes?

A kind reminder: FDR signed an Executive Order in 1942.

Executive Order 9066.  Notice, readers, it is not “We the people”.  It is filled with “I”.


This Executive Order resulted in this somewhat familiar poster:


It stripped my father, uncle, aunt, and cousins completely of their rights.

Not just one right.  All of their rights.

They were forced out of the West Coast and forced to live in concentration camps if they could not afford to move.

Their US Passports were confiscated.  They were fingerprinted, photographed and assigned an inmate number.  Man, woman or child…or baby.

All this happened with one signature.  FDR’s.


Some people say this Executive Order arose out of hysteria.  Reaction to something that happened.

I just want to say I am against any Executive Order.  Large or small in its magnitude.  By definition, it serves to nullify the Bill of Rights.

One person – one signature – is not right.

Just wanted to get this off my chest.