Mabo Dofu – Spicy and YUM-YUMMY!

How’s about a little change-up – like in spicy heat?

Mabo Dofu!  Some call it Szechuan Tofu.  Whatever, it is a warm, tasty treat for a cool night…or any meal!

A spicy dinner treat!
A spicy dinner treat!


It really is quite simple to throw together.  And you really don’t need a wok – a regular ol’ pot will do!

The key ingredients:

1/2 pound – ground pork

2  – 8 oz cartons of firm tofu (16 oz total) cut into the size of your big toe (If comparing, wash your toe first.)

2 – tbsp chili paste

1 or 2 – cloves garlic

For braising stock:

1 – cup chicken stock (I used to make my own but too lazy now – it does make a difference!)

3 – tbsp regular soy sauce

2 – tsp sugar

1/2 – tsp salt

Other ingredients:

Green onion

1 – tbsp sesame oil

1 – tsp “rayu” (chili oil)

Corn starch slurry

Ground white pepper to taste (not black pepper)

Key stuff
Key stuff

1. In hot 2 quart sauce pan, drizzle a little oil then brown ground pork over high heat.

2. When browned, quickly add the chili paste and crushed garlic then stir.  Cook until pungent, no more 30 seconds.

Add chili paste and garlic and cook until pungent
Add chili paste and garlic and cook until pungent (30 seconds)

3. Add braising sauce and carefully add cubed and drained tofu.

Carefully add tofu to braising sauce
Carefully add tofu to braising sauce

4. Stir gently then braise maybe ten five minutes, covered, stirring occasionally.

Bring to boil, then cover and braise for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally

5. Remove from heat.  Stir in sesame oil and chili oil (to your liking) and ground white pepper.  Stir in cornstarch slurry to desired thickness.

6. Top off with green onions and serve over rice, ramen or eat it by itself!  Easy!



27 thoughts on “Mabo Dofu – Spicy and YUM-YUMMY!”

  1. I’ve been cooking like crazy, trying new things that I’ve never considered before. Being vegetarians, I’d omit the pork and maybe substitute something else that would be able to handle the spice. I LOVE hot foods.
    Risotto is my favorite of new foods lately. Seems that if I spend the time required to make a really nice meal, I snack less or not at all and there are no leftovers.

    1. I love risotto, too. If you get Cook’s Illustrated, they had an article on fool-proof risotto last year. And I did post a vegetarian version up above in genealogylady’s comment…

  2. Looks delicious – I can just about smell it all the way to PA! But sadly that is one recipe I will have to not try..I would have heartburn for a week! 😦 The older I get the less I can eat.

      1. Not dumb – I am diabetic and ok with changing my eating habits, but won’t give up my cookies – real cookies with sugar and fat and everything not healthy!!

  3. i’m not a fan of pork, but I love tofu and this sounds great. I can figure out a way to substitute and enjoy. It’s the spice ratio that I always struggle with, so I’m glad to have a recipe! 🙂

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