A fellow blogger points out there is something in common between drive-by’s and dirt roads…

Morning Story and Dilbert

What’s mainly wrong with society today is that too many Dirt Roads have been paved.

There’s not a problem in America today, crime, drugs, education, divorce, delinquency that wouldn’t be remedied, if we just had more Dirt Roads, because Dirt Roads give character.

People that live at the end of Dirt Roads learn early on that life is a bumpy ride.

That it can jar you right down to your teeth sometimes, but it’s worth it, if at the end is home…a loving spouse, happy kids and a dog.

We wouldn’t have near the trouble with our educational system if our kids got their exercise walking a Dirt Road with other kids, from whom they learn how to get along.

There was less crime in our streets before they were paved.

Criminals didn’t walk two dusty miles to rob or rape, if they knew they’d be welcomed by 5 barking…

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  1. There is something to be said about life being too easy. Look at the generation who grew up in the 30’s and 40’s . They absolutely had “dirt roads” and look what they were able to accomplished. Sometimes I w0nder what the world will be like when today’s teens and 20-somethings are running the show. And I have to admit, sometimes, I’m glad I won’t be around to see it. On the other hand, previous generations have probably said the same thing about the Greatest Generation when they were in their teens and 20s, so maybe I would be surprised.

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