A Democracy…? Or Playing Perceived Loopholes?

Espousing a political agenda is not an intent here.

But I do support upholding basic laws and rights.

But I do NOT support anyone being above the law (or stretching the words making up a law) to fulfill a personal viewpoint and to further political goals.

Court: Obama appointments to labor panel are unconstitutional

As a side note…  It’s just my humble opinion but because something is LEGAL does NOT make it RIGHT.

One thought on “A Democracy…? Or Playing Perceived Loopholes?”

  1. “The man who would be king.” <- Obama
    'nuff said, LOL! But it appears that's what he wants . . .
    and BTW: we're more of a Socialistic republic all the time. Just much more lately with the growth of Federal Gov. "overseers" and oversights, and it's ignoring of public demands.

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