31 thoughts on “Lies! All Lies, I say!”

  1. No truer statement! Have you ever seen a cat run to its owner when it’s summoned. Nope, cats are nothing like dogs. They don’t usually mosey on over unless they feel like it.

  2. Cats are nothing like dogs, and horses are nothing like tarantulas…
    Cats are solitary animals, generally, and dogs, are pack animals. So, using that fact, then women are not like cats at all. However, women can be without a man much more comfortably than a man is, without a woman. I blather on… It’s a very complex situation and requires contemplation. Ultimately, if a man does not feel emasculated, then he’s an easy going guy and it’s no big deal. I think it’s unfortunate and shameful when women cut the balls off of men. Ooooh, did I say that?
    Ultimately, we’re all able to make the best choice for ourselves, and the man who chooses the woman who does as she pleases without regard to others, deserves what he gets. There’s far too much selfishness, and far too many self-absorbed men and women in the world.
    Sorry for providing such a verbose response to what is an obviously playful post. I suppose I haven’t been writing enough lately…

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