A Chatter Master Morning

Ever wonder what happens when Chatter Master influences your daily life…

Lots.  Just lots.

It started with a surprise from the reliable Chatter Master… delivered by the (usually unreliable) postal service.

A Surprise

What was in it?

A magic mug…made by Irish leprechauns, no doubt.  Mischievous little buggers, they are!


So what did this leprechaun-made magic mug do for us this morning?

A brew of dark, just ground French roast coffee magically filled my magic mug…brewed at the perfect temperature of 195F, of course.  Thank goodness they didn’t brew up a green smoothie.  Miracle of miracles!

And the mug summoned Spring.


And a little visitor joined us – laden with delicious spring pollen.  Achoo!



It made me make homemade waffles for the rug rats…with real maple syrup.


And the magic Chatter Master mug summoned our good neighbor Jake!  He ate three!  And the great kid he is, he took his plate to the sink.


The magic mug also compelled my son to work on his science project!  (Of course, there was a bribe involved…that only partially worked.)


See what happens during a Chatter Master inspired morning??

Wait…  What’s this?  The yard looks the same…  What’s up with that?

27 thoughts on “A Chatter Master Morning”

      1. I always knew there was something magical about chattermaster…she has indeed the mystical gift of an Irish faerie, blessings abound with her. 😉

    1. I’ll send it right up… Oh, can’t…. The dang bureaucrats have set up a tangle of red tape to get through… Well, maybe I can since there aren’t enough LEOs to enforce the dang laws anyways! 😉

  1. I think there was a little magic in that mug. Your whole household seemed to be very motivated and productive for a Saturday. 🙂 Your purple flowered tree is beautiful…I think it is a flowering plum. Beautiful…and so were the waffles!

      1. Send them up here for a week this summer. They can “camp” out in my yard and I’ll show them the ancient redwoods, and tune them in to a beautiful natural world.
        Say what? No? Hmmmpppfff….

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