Dessert for a Nice Lady

There is a nice person at a place I frequent.

Always smiling and courteous.

So she deserved a homemade treat…  A strawberry and almond frangipane tart.


And you know what?  She smiled…and that made me smile.


And I thought it matched her hair…and she had two servings.

No better compliment at that.

24 thoughts on “Dessert for a Nice Lady”

    1. Well, there was one piece left for the owner of the establishment but he’s a night owl. I think she took the other small piece back home to her daughter…and the whipped cream!

  1. I would consider this treat the breakfast of champs. There’s nothing better than a fruity dessert with a piping cup of coffee to start your day!

  2. Such a gentleman – I am glad kindness is alive and well out there in California! 😉 You amaze me with your creations, it looks delicious.

    1. You find the kindness in the most darned places out here. If I was still a boss, I’d hire them on the spot… As for the goodies, I just follow recipes (the best I can). LOL

  3. Koji, you are a gem! And your kind and generous spirit shine brightly, my friend. This is a deliberate acts of kindness, just like in that commercial I posted. You not only made this beautiful, happy young lady’s day, but you made my day too! I LOVE this story and the photos. So heart-warming. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story in this post. :)))

    1. Sorry I have overlooked your kind words, Jeannie. You are much too kind at heart… But for what its worth, my little Cake Boss said this was the only desert she really liked… lol

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