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  1. Wow! That’s quite a photo! Memorial Day is a reminder to me to teach my children (and now grandchildren) regarding the great sacrifices made by servicemen and women and their families so that we may continue having our freedom. We have a federal cemetery within an hour’s drive of our house and I’ve used it as a lesson about those who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. There is also a lot of history that can be learned there. We saw tombstones of famous generals as well as many thousands of graves of young men who fought in many wars including some as far back as the Spanish American War.


  2. We visit grandparents graves. Two of my great great grandfathers fought for the Union in the Civil War. We decorate their graves and pay our respects. The graves are marked “GAR” for the Grand Army of the Republic, the group of veterans who got together and told war stories until they died. Sort of like our VFW, in fact. It is a solemn day, but a good day for remembering.

  3. The older, and smarter, I get – the more it brings me to reflecting on what people have sacrificed for ‘us’. I want to be made more aware of the actual people, names, where they came from. They deserve to be remembered.

  4. I stop to think of the first Mekemsons to reach America, Kobi– six brothers and there father, who all fought in the Revolutionary War, my dad, whose birthday was on Memorial Day, and Peg’s dad who fought in World War II.

      1. Yeah, pretty amazing. I’ve actually done a lot of research on the family. They lived in Maryland during the war and then moved on to Kentucky afterwards. I’ve visited their homesites. I also had my hands on… and copied, some 50 family documents from the Revolutionary War period.

      2. The Harford County Historical Society fortunately has the documents but I had to dig find them. It is thrilling, Koji, to handle something your great,great, great, great, great grandfather signed.

  5. I have a deep respect for such great dedication, as to believe so deeply in what he or she is committed to, and be willing to forfeit life, if necessary.
    I hope that doesn’t sound like politcal-speak…

  6. We drove by the Veteran’s Cemetery in Los Angeles the other day, which is very large, and it takes my breath away. That’s just one in so many across the country, not to mention those who died and were buried on foreign soil. It’s those sacrifices I think of in particular on Memorial Day. I have tremendous respect for our men and women in uniform. And on Memorial Day I will be even more mindful.

    1. I am surprised you challenged the 405 with all this behind schedule construction! You are referring to the one near UCLA, yes? Thank you for your kind words…

  7. For me it is a time of rememberance and a time of joy. I pause to remember those that have served our country with pride, and gave of themselves completely. Joy in seeing our service men and women getting the respect they so richly deserve. — Take care, Bill

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