A Belated Father’s Day Post…

A few of you know I’ve been in a little bit of “funk” the past month or so…

No real reason…  just things.

But I had a GREAT Father’s Day!  So a belated and short post.

It started out with seeing my “second” dad – Old Man Jack.  I last visited Jack on Memorial Day…  but it was a bit saddening to see that his only daughter hadn’t been by.

It’s always good to see him – although I didn’t stop by in my LOUD supercharged Mustang he loved so much.


Of course, you can only have one dad… and mine’s 94.  We had a Father’s Day Brunch at his assisted living center and his luckily, his appetite was back.  We enjoyed a special Father’s Day brunch.  Meat and potatoes!  His fave!


He then finished off his lunch with…sweets!  Man, he’s got a sweet tooth!  These were Japanese candies sent to him from my cousin Masako (and Izumi) in Hiroshima.  (He had four. lol)


Does he look content?  LOL

IMG_0842And someone “special” had called… and wanted to give me a Father’s Day hug!  Ou-la-la!  She is a gal with one of the sweetest souls around…and she shall remain nameless. 🙂

Picture1She’s had a positive impact on me. 🙂

And then…  the grand finale…

I headed up from Fashion Island in Newport Beach to Pomona…My oldest son, Takeshi……graduated from Cal Poly Pomona!  He’s even got a straight A streak going!  And he BEAT his brilliant sister in Organic Chemistry by getting an A!  She will never hear the end of that one…  🙂

Congratulations, son!  And a BIG thanks to my ex and his step-dad.  I couldn’t ask for a better guy.


I don’t think an old man can ask for anything greater than that superific day!

23 thoughts on “A Belated Father’s Day Post…”

  1. What a GREAT day. Congrats to Takeshi., that must make you very proud. You are fortunate to still have your Dad. I’m glad you continue to make special memories with him.

    1. Thank you so much, Judy. I need to get back to your fun to read letters from the past. I enjoy them greatly; its just that I want to be able to sit down and read them thoroughly. So many ties to the times…

  2. A lovely day, filled with many blessings. Your father has such a gentle, sweet face, but proud, too. I hope you’ll come out of your “funk” soon.

  3. Ahhh Koji, you are indeed blessed! Being able to spend quality time with your dad and son on this special day, not to mention honoring “Old Man Jack”, and spending some time with someone special. You deserve this every day my friend!

  4. Amazing pictures from an amazing day, how wonderful. Your dad and family are beautiful and Mr. Jack is surely missed by many Koji. Thank you for sharing these precious moments sir.

  5. I’m very sorry to hear that you’ve been in a bit of a funk, but you’ve described some pretty wonderful events in this post, and I hope you’ve been buoyed by so many wonderful events. Your dad looks so fantastic, and I’m so glad to hear that he is doing well. And your son’s graduation is a big accomplishment for the whole family–congratulations to him! I’m so glad you regularly remind us of wonderful “Old Man Jack!” You take care of yourself–and I’ll keep questions about the mystery woman for another time. 🙂

    1. LOL about the mystery woman. She has the sweetest soul and that is refreshing to me. I only wish the relationship could have grown more… And thank you always for stopping by and leaving such nice thoughts… 🙂

  6. Hi Koji, sorry for arriving so late to the party. Looks like he had a good time. Is that a Deputy badge he is wearing?

    Thanks for your recent e-mails. You sent me one which didn’t seem so positive (though it also made me laugh, you have a sense of humour and that counts for loads in my book) so maybe things are looking up now…?

    I wish you well in all you do and extend my compliments to your Father.


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