One Word Photo Challenge: Turquoise



At my age, confusion reigns supreme.  I cannot figure out who is conducting the “One Word Photo Challenge” series.

Oh, well.  But it said to tag it “One Word Photo Challenge” so I did…

And here’s my turquoise photo; it’s of the Pontiac hood ornament on a turquoise car.

Who loves classic cars?!

pontiac head

Now what and where do I link this to? Old age sucks.

17 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Turquoise”

  1. Wow, I DO remember this – but sorry can’t help you on where to send it. Love the old cars, they had more character – nowadays they each resemble the other. I like to watch the Mecum auctions on tv to recall what cars used to be.

    1. LOL. Are we in the same (fading) memory club, gpcox? 😉 And again, I totally agree. Most cars in the mainstream look so much alike. They look like Toyotas, Nissans, even Bimmers. I guess that’s one reason why I like American. I feel that when GM and Ford introduced the Chevette/Nova and the Pinto respectively, that signaled the end of American dominance. Try going out to a car show instead of watching Mecum! LOL

      1. Oh, here in Delray every Sunday is like a Mecum show. It’s almost traditional that anyone who owns an antique car has to go for a ride on Sundays, often on their way to a car show in W.Palm. I love it!

    1. Thank you, Pierre. It is a 1951 Pontiac Eight; it was at a every Saturday morning gathering of cars in Irvine, CA. It is called “Cars & Coffee”. I used to take my car, too.

  2. That’s okay, Koji. I get very confused on this photo challenge, too. But then I guess that only goes to confirm it must be old age.

    I was getting ready to post my flowers photos for the flower challenge, but can’t seem to figure out how to access this hotel internet. Thank goodness for iPhones! 🙂

  3. Koji how did you find out about the “One Word Photo Challenge”?

    And if I see an old car I have to look! They have so much more character and beauty to them.

    1. I saw it on a blog but I couldn’t figure out who the “beginning” blogger was! See… Old age. Sometimes it just gets confusing for old farts like me. 🙂 And vintage or classic cars have their own beauty indeed. The design of the American classics just screamed America. 🙂

    1. Thank you, madlyinlovewithlife. Yes, it does look like amber! Maybe there’s a fossilized insect a bazillion years old trapped inside. LOL.

      The hood ornament is “OEM” and came with the car off the assembly line. It’s a 1951 Pontiac Eight.

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