Explored on FLICKR

Although not an indicator of quality, my macro shot of a lily got selected for “Explore” on FLICKR.  It was one of 500 “interesting” photos of May 2nd and FLICKR states over 1.4 million photos are uploaded daily worldwide.

There have been over 11,500 views of the picture so far in 24 hours.  That’s a REAL high volume for me.

Sure wish that many would read my blog. I’ll even settle for a paltry 10,000 views a month. 😜

Surrounded - EXPLORED May 2, 2014

Please click on image for larger view on FLICKR.

OK. I’ve finished bragging.

28 thoughts on “Explored on FLICKR”

    1. Thank you! I read some of your stories but was unable to comment… but that guy who questioned you wearing Marine clothing and pins. Poppycock. That’s showing your support and you did right by clearly announcing you are not a Marine.

  1. How wonderful, Koji! It’s a tremendous honor to be selected, and I would agree it’s a spectacular shot. I have really enjoyed your photography and I hope this honor just encourages you to continue shooting! 🙂 Brag away…well deserved.

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