Just Some Snapshots #12

It appears Spring has come a couple of weeks early to Southern California…  Some photos of blooms from around my home.

Tiny buggers invade this succulent bloom.
Red bud blooms.
Aloe bloom
Shrimp plant
An early Portulaca grandiflora blooms from my cutting
Cineraria in B&W
A real bad hair day
Cineraria begins to bloom
Aloe blooms
My cigar…but not my yard.

40 thoughts on “Just Some Snapshots #12”

    1. You are very kind, sir. This red bud tree next to my driveway actually began blooming during the last week in February. But your neck of the woods will be filled with beauty soon!! Concrete can’t seem to ever bloom around here. Odd, isn’t it?

  1. What beautiful photos of beautiful blooms! You have a very special relationship with your camera and the flowers, Koji. I’m hoping that the current heat doesn’t just fry all the early blooms!

  2. Koji, these photos are stunning! The colours are spectacular and you have a great eye for composition. Truly beautiful work, my friend! And I love that last shot too (ha..ha! I enjoy your sense of humour!). Wishing you a happy week!

  3. well the title did not match the post – “just some snapshots” should be changed to “amazing celebration of flowers”
    or not…
    but I like the shrimp one the most…

    and the fun cigar one! and sometime this month I will be sharing a few cigar photos because you are not going to ebelive where I went (with my cousin) to the Cuban cigar neighborhood called YBOR in Tampa, FL.
    well it was super fun and I will come back and let you know when I get the photos together…

    have a good day Koj!

      1. oh no way – not me personally – and I actually had to leave when my cousin sat to enjoy his cigar – and actually – I could not even take the pictures of ladies who were there smoking them… so not moi – but I appreciate the culture and enjoyment of them – if that makes sense – and you know, when not abused – I guess sometimes these little goodies can be a nice “sprite” of life….

  4. Koji, everything okay? I haven’t heard from you in awhile. Hope all is well with you and the children. When you get a chance, I would really like to have your opinion on the Japanese eye witness account I did back on the 12th.
    [I have started to prepare posts for the time between 1942-43, like homefront, etc. I was going to do one on the internment camps, but thought you would be more qualified for that, even if some of them were for the Germans and Italians. Will you be doing something like that in the future – I’ll just re-blog it?]

    1. Sorry for my being MIA, gpcox. As for the prison camps, no, I have nothing planned for the moment…

      Fuchida is an interesting character; just in the fact he survived the war is amazing. Unlike the US pilots who were rotated out after completing their tours, the Japanese pilots – along with the Nazi pilots – flew until they were shot down and killed/wounded as you know. But I strongly feel that personal accounts become fuzzy, even after a couple of years. As for Japanese recountings, they will likely not disclose “shameful” events, especially if they were officers. This restraint continued for many decades after war’s end.

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