Mail-in ballots, stimulus checks and a four year coup

Today is November 29, 2020.

I have been on social security for more than four years now. Hell, I’m on Medicare.

I am on direct deposit. The government even deducts my $135 or so for my Medicare premium each month.

And believe me, my income is miniscule.

Yet, I have not received my stimulus check yet. I have even inserted a screenshot below.

However, millions of mail-in ballots were haphazardly mailed to who knows who and at what address… and for this exercise, let us assume these ballots were not counterfeit, e.g., not Xeroxed nor printed in China.

It is lovely that the American right to cast a vote wasn’t as strictly controlled as IS my stimulus check.

And no, I am not calling the IRS. Are you crazy? 🙂

10 thoughts on “Mail-in ballots, stimulus checks and a four year coup”

  1. I’m not sure you’d get an answer if you did call the IRS, the bureaucrats have found a way to do even less of their jobs thanks to the lockdowns. Dealing with Social Security is not very easy right now, I know because I’m trying to deal with them.

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