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I Am Upset. No. PISSED.


Car dealers and banks.

They are very much similar.

A car dealer will “rip you off” every time you visit them…or they rip off the OEM when they repair a supposed “warranty” item WITH your car.  Lots of stories there on how they rip everyone off.


Yesterday, I received a bonus that was automatically deposited into my account – which is linked to online banking.

Simple.  Hasn’t failed yet.

But then, I saw a “NSF” charge for $35.


Don’t get me wrong.  I orchestrate my funds flow – in detail – as I am not rich.

To save even on a day’s interest charge (since my EARNINGS are taxed so much more now), I also schedule payments to “arrive” at the payee’s on the same day as my deposit.

That’s what B of A promises.  Headache free on-line banking.  I’m sure they make bazillions of dollar on float alone at the same time.


But yesterday…  Well actually, on January 30th, B of A “paid” a large check one day earlier than what I scheduled.  Not on the 31st as I scheduled per their “headache free online banking service”.

They paid it one whole day early.

It bounced.

Not “technically” as my bonus hit the bank a minute past midnight.  It bounced.  On the 30th.

Bank of America PROMPTLY charged me 35 stinking dollars.


I won’t expand on how much time I spent on THREE phone calls to get them to fix their error.  But they apologized.  Really.

But TODAY….  February 1st…  Their online banking system has been DOWN since about 7:30 AM.  It is now past 3:00 PM here.

Funny, isn’t it?

We can’t charge THEM $35 for not being able to access our money at ALL.

Zilch.  Nada.

Oh.  I’m sorry…

They are telling us to visit one of their convenient ATM’s… but would somebody tell them their ATM’s can’t pay my gas bill?