“Old Man Jack-ism” #2

One of the rare photos of Jack and me together as I always snapped the photo… My little Brooke who was about seven at the time took it.

Listening to Old Man Jack’s wisdom was like cotton candy and a movie. The ones you will remember over time are the movies that get super-glued into the consciousness of the movie-goers in a good way.

A few years ago, I went to see Old Man Jack in the Board Room – his cluttered garage facing my house across our street lined by peppercorn trees.  Well, actually, he always wanted me to come over. We’d always have a good chat about this and that or he’d let a demon out from enduring combat in the Pacific during WWII. That day, though, I just wanted to get something off my chest about the wife.

When I started to whine about what the wife did, he stopped me after a few words. Dead in my tracks. He knew what I was going to complain about.

He said, “You poked her. Live with it. Now shut the _uck up.”

I did.


16 thoughts on ““Old Man Jack-ism” #2”

      1. Your connection with him seems so strong. I admire that you and he were open to one another. Many “neighbors” never go past living close to one another.

  1. He thought that whatever complaint you might have would have been disrespectful – I guess. Got to hand it to him. I’ll bet you never did THAT again. 🙂
    His time with you was HIS time with YOU (and the kids) Love the picture, thanks for sharing.

    1. Not to worry, seapunk2. Old man Jack always spoke his mind. When he said that to me, he had that boyish grin on his face. 🙂 While his only son passed away at birth soon after war’s end, I real like to feel I filled in as his replacement… if only for a little while.

    1. I apologize… It appears your kind comment was overlooked somehow. I don’t have the wisdom that Old Man Jack has but your words are so true. The Greatest Generation.

  2. Would like to share a story with you. One about our own version of a dear friend “Jack”. Thought you might get a kick. He was like our granddad – the ones we didn’t have. He was a vet and a real ‘scoundrel’ as his family said, and a womanizer to boot. But we took him to Hooters on his 80th birthday – you shoulda seen what he did, LOL! Gonna write a story on it sometime. But this – this he taught me – how to look at things. Without meaning to. Just like him. Lets see if YOU can get the lesson in this that we learned. (It was really hard to wrap our minds across.


    and yeah, the women always win. :/

      1. No apology needed, Sir Koji! I never take offense on these things. The internet being in the infancy it is – and our busy lives – I don’t ‘require’ a reply or acknowledgement. I figure “it’s there” and you will read it if you want to – and if not (or no reply) I am not insulted at all, internet ‘friend’. Hope your father is doing well – I saw that photo of him studying that newspaper from his ‘hometown’. Tell him again for me what a great guy an old Marine thinks he is for doing his duty to country – the both of them. Quite an honorable man!

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